Create free standing images via AI powered tools in Phomas

The Power of AI: How to make images automatically Free-Standing

One of the unique features of Phomas is the fully automatic generation of image versions to meet the specifications of the various marketplaces, partner sites or external systems.

To keep the photography process as efficient and clear as possible, images that have been produced for the company’s own e-commerce channel are often used.

Once approved, these images can serve as a source for the production of images that meet the specifications of the various marketplaces or partner sites.

With the help of the latest AI technology, Phomas is able to automatically perform post-production (creating free-standing images on a transparent background) on e a large number of image variants. The freestanding images can then be placed on a new canvas with their own unique background color.

Another aspect that is important when delivering images to marketplaces is the naming of the files. This mostly also indicates the order in which those images are displayed in the overview (PDP). And also for this order, various market places can each have their own requirements.

Here, too, Phomas proves its added value. Phomas can automatically generate images that meet all the specifications of the various marketplaces and partner sites. From background colour, position in the series, dimensions to naming!

Please contact our colleague Amber Kok when you’d like to learn more!