Retailware is a cloud platform for marketing communication. The SaaS solution can be expanded in terms of functionality as needed by adding individual modules. The basic functionality offers support to marketing departments by, among other things, sharing centrally developed marketing communications and/or guidelines with users via a central platform. Users can be suppliers as well as country organizations or local branches.

One of the advantages of a central marketing platform is the ability to create your own marketing execution on a national, regional or local level based on centrally developed marketing policies. This translates into “smart templates” that are able to generate marketing communications via a web page that meet the intended production specifications.

In addition, Retailware mainly facilitates retail chains with operational functionality. For example, Retailware has an online briefing form, the Retail Production System, where, for example, country organizations or local branches can place marketing requests with the central organization. Because with the help of the briefing form all necessary information regarding the production execution is known, an assignment can be forwarded directly to a production department (artwork studio / DTP/Studio), whether this is an internal department or externally affiliated agency or a combination of both. An online assessment module offers the possibility to give approval or feedback based on a production trial. If approved, the production files of the expressions can be sent directly to a supplier, or they are available for download.

The Retail Order System is an online web shop application that allows ready-to-use materials to be ordered from various suppliers. The Retail Order System also offers the possibility to personalize the materials to be ordered with the help of so-called designers. This often involves adding branch details or a branch name.

To support the central marketing organization, Retailware offers various modules in which data-driven layout is central. This includes BannerBuilder, an application for generating social media, web and print banners or advertisements. CatalogBuilder provides all the tools to create online catalogs based on  product  information and product images available  through Product Control Center (PCC).BrochureBuilder is a similar application, but specifically aimed at the -periodic- production of promotional leaflets. The offers are central to this, which are managed via Offer Control Center. By automatically generating online leaflets (digital leaflets) from BrochureBuilder, it is possible to respond quickly to current events.