Product Information Management (PIM)

A Product Information Management (PIM) System is a software solution that helps organizations manage, enrich and link product information to other systems inside or outside the organization.

It is a central repository for all product data, such as product descriptions, colors, dimensions, images, instructional videos and manuals. The PIM system forms the basis of the information; from this system, it is retrieved by webshops, ERP systems and other surrounding systems that need the product data.

By centralizing the product information in the PIM system, a so-called “Single Source of Truth” is realized, where information can be adjusted in one place and that adjustment is automatically implemented in other systems that use that information.

Within the Retailware platform, Product Control Center (PCC) is a further developed version of a Pim system. PCC offers tools that make it clear to those responsible for operations which information is complete and usable and which is not.