BrochureBuilder is a cloud application that can be used to create and generate brochures and promotional leaflets. Because the offers required for the promotional leaflet are managed  in Offer Control Center (OCC) and are available in BrochureBuilder, the promotional leaflets can be classified online on the basis of “Smart templates” for the purpose of page layout. The layout of the pages via an intuitive “Drag & Drop” interface is an activity that is often entrusted to the product (group) managers themselves. After all, simply selecting offers and dragging them onto a page often takes less time than briefing an external party and checking the result!

Because BrochureBuilder is a complete cloud solution, a complete brochure or promotional leaflet can be generated at the touch of a button. But if it is desirable to have an optimization in terms of design take place in the final production phase, the generated file can be delivered to a production department / supplier as the starting point of a design round.