Banner Builder | Banner Generator

Communicate your brand to the outer world, visually.

eCommerce channels require regular new postings to keep your offers attractive for consumers and add the ranking.
To achieve this in a efficient way, Linx IT Solutions developed a simple but effective tool. It resulted in Banner Builder and Banner Generator.

Banner Builder

A simple Process

  1. You upload for each banner layout and size an Adobe Indesign file.
    We will transform this file into a smart template.
  2. You upload the campaign images which will be used in the banners.
    We will add crop ratios to add the right cut-off matching the Indesign layout.

And from than: you can create banners in all sizes you need, for all markets you need them and in all languages available! Simple and fast!

Banner Generator even goes a giant step further. It completely automates the generation process for all markets / channels or media partners!